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About Paisley Ann

Hey Ladies, My names Lindsey and Im the boss babe that runs and owns Paisley Ann Boutique. We live in West Texas, I'm a mama of 3 kids two of which are twins, and I'm married to a handsome Railroader.  Before you start on my bio I might add it's a long one. I couldn't possibly start Paisley Ann without letting everyone know the true story, I hope ya'll enjoy learning about us.
 I had my first born daughter Aniyah at the age of 17. I was a single mom who worked three jobs at times just to make ends meet. I wanted my daughter to be so proud of me and to show her that just because I had her so young, didn’t mean I couldn’t be the best mom to her.
When I was 19, I met this sweet southern railroader from Texas. He never for one second made me doubt our relationship. We were tired of the long distance as I lived in Reno, NV at the time and he lived in Lubbock, Texas. We knew right away that we were soulmates not a single doubt in either his or my mind. So TJ, my boyfriend at the time, came to get us. We made the 3 day drive back to Lubbock, Texas and settled into our new home . Within the coming years we got married  and TJ adopted Aniyah.

I always knew I wanted to own my own business, so I became a Realtor. Shortly after I got my Realtors License, my husband and I decided we wanted to have another baby. Sure enough, we found out we were pregnant with twins in 2017. At 29 weeks I went into premature labor and the doctors couldn’t do anything to stop it. After 26 hours of labor we got to welcome Jackson James & Pailsey Ann into this world weighing just 3.5 lbs and 2.15 lbs.

 Lets fast forward to 3 days old... I knew something was wrong, I noticed Paisley's grip when she would hold my finger was weaker. She would cry this weak cry. Doctors didn’t think she was sick and thought she was just adjusting to outside life. Day 4 rolls around and I knew that wasn’t it. They checked her labs and sure enough her white blood cell count was high. Shortly after Paisley tested positive for Staph Infection which had spread to her blood stream. They told us after a few days she should be all better and that's when the antibiotics would kill the infection. Well day 5 rolled around and she wasn’t getting better in fact it was the worst I had ever seen her. At this point they wouldn’t even let me hold her, she was so pale, weak and fighting for her life. Day 6 now of positive blood cultures which is very rare, my Husband asked the doctor if our little girl was going to be okay and I’ll never forget the way he responded. He looked over at her put his head down and gently said “ I don’t know, we are doing everything we can, but options are running out,” I didn’t want to hear it. I knew Paisley was a fighter. Doctors decided to do an MRI & CT scans to see if the infection was living in her heart or another major organ. During the Ultra Sound, they found a blood clot in her main portal valve and her liver didn’t look very good. Paisleys breathing worsened. The Infectious disease specialist had one more antibiotic to try after that nothing else was an option. By the grace of god on day 9 Paisley got her first negative blood culture. She had her color back & her grip was stronger. Doctors started her on medication to clear the blood clot and wanted to look into her liver more. They decided a liver biopsy was necessary and sent that off to Houston where one of the top pediatric liver specialist is. The results were inconclusive and her liver levels got worse. There was no liver specialist in Lubbock so they needed to send Paisley to Houston where she could be in the best hands possible. One day later I had to Drop Aniyah off at a friends, Tj took me to the Hospital to fly with Paisley. they would only allow one parent to fly so he had to drive the 9 hours to Houston. I kissed Jackson goodbye as he was in the Nicu and left on the Kangaroo plane with Paisley. We settled in at the NICU in Houston where they immediately got Paisley in for tests. My heart was broken. I had Aniyah at a friends, Jackson in the NICU 9 hours from me and Paisley in front of me, but my heart was in 3 places at once. Paisley wasn’t gaining weight or drinking from a bottle. She was still 3 lbs and that worried everyone. Doctors found Cholastsis in her liver, and several blood clots one which was blocking the flow to her heart and one blocking the flow to her liver. They ran every single test imaginable and nothing would come back as what was going on with her. Her liver levels kept getting worse but nobody could figure out why. After a couple weeks I had to go to back to Lubbock as I got the call that Jackson was able to come home. I remember crying because I was so happy he was so healthy, but heartbroken to leave Paisley. We left to go get Jackson and the day before Christmas we got the call that they were flying Paisley back to the Lubbock NICU. Talk about a Christmas present. I rushed to the hospital to go be with her. A few weeks later they discharged Paisley.
The day after she was discharged she stopped eating and was extremely fussy. I knew something was off. We took her back to the hospital and they decided I needed to fly Paisley back to Houston. Houston did more labs/ testing and let us go home and then we got sent to a Dallas Hospital for another liver biopsy, she then got a feeding tube. Doctors began trying to find out what was wrong with her liver again. She was the cutest little mystery. She gained the name Warrior Princess by just about everyone who knew her. We got sent back to Lubbock after a few weeks in the hospital and she started gaining weight with the feeding tube and miraculously her liver levels started to show improvement. After 4 months of constant hospital stays and doctors we were so happy to finally all be home as a family of 5. To not have to visit my babies in the NICU was the best feeling ever. Paisley has since had several surgeries, but continues to show incredible improvement.

Paisley Ann has gone through so much in her short time on earth, but has impacted so many people. She’s truly our miracle baby. She’s taught me the true meaning in life. Health and Happiness are all that matters. I had to witness my husband working months straight with no days off to cover for me taking so much time off to be with the babies and to be able to cover all the hospital bills we were receiving. I couldn’t take it. My husband was exhausted I wanted to take that stress away from him and came up with a plan that would also allow me to work from home without having to leave to show homes.
Paisley taught me to go after all my goals today because, tomorrow is not promised. My biggest dream was to start my own boutique. It was one of those dreams I always had that seemed so far off that I didn’t tell anyone and I never even thought about making that dream a goal let alone a reality. I have no college background, but I love fashion and wanted to do more than be a Realtor. I was done having this dream not be a reality and ever since Paisley came home, she gave us all this new outlook on life. She changed us for the better and she really made me realize anything is possible. So with all that being said Paisley Ann had to be the name for my boutique .

My goal is to provide each of you with a fun, organized, and hassle free shopping experience with the most trendy affordable fashion. Every Item is hand picked by me, I want every girl who shops at Paisley Ann Boutique to feel strong, confident, beautiful, & thought about.